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Mystical Oak Tree

When I lived on Long Island, New York, there was a beautiful nature preserve on the Great South Bay; and I spent endless hours sitting under the majestic trees and walking on the beach, listening to the sermon of the crashing of the waves. The preserve had many of the aspects of nature: forest, marsh, beach, bay and grasslands packed into 231 acres. It was an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and my temple for contemplation.

My favorite was to sit with an old large oak tree. One day, I felt the tree had something to say to me. I sat in silence and just observed. An acorn, on the ground, caught my attention. Immediately, I had a flash insight within the process of the tree’s Becoming; the movement of life that all of existence shares.

Blueprint of Becoming

Within the seed of the oak tree, lies a blueprint of its Becoming. The becoming of the whole tree, from which it came originally. The seed fell off the branch of the whole tree to create its own existence. Once it takes root, it starts the process of the unfolding and Becoming more of what it is. This is growth; life’s purpose. Within the acorn is the dream of the Becoming of oak tree. Once the sapling separates from the seed; it will do anything to start expanding and growing to Be from which it came. If needed, it will pop between the smallest of spaces of cement to reach for the Light—always reaching.

The Soul Seed : Become more not less

The nature that governs the oak is the same nature that governs each one of. It is the essence of confidence, courage, peace, love, intelligence and determination. We spend a lifetime striving to be these qualities, we are these qualities. The oak tree is always in the state of Becoming more of what it is. Learn from the tree: become more of who you are; not less than who you were. Being less doubtful, become more confident. Being less hateful, become more loving. Being less fearful. become more courageous. Being less disturbed, become more peaceful. Being less indecisive, become more determined.

Within us, we too, have a seed, called Soul, which contains the Blueprint of our Becoming; directing through the Voice of our passions, excitements and desires to the full bloom and potential, called Authentic Self.  It is not a predestination; not a destination at all, for it is already present.


The movement of life is an unfolding exposing the beauty of Oneness of Self, our true nature.  As I sat with the oak tree, I felt a kinship in sharing the same desire, to be whole, complete and experience expansiveness for the sake of love. I heard a Voice:

Listen closely… You are Becoming what you already are!



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About the Author

Stephanie recently published a book, Pour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writings to Illuminate Your Soul. She has been on the journey of Self-Discovery her whole life and shares her insights and universal wisdoms in her book. She lives in Colorado with her family and friends and operates a small farm with her animal and plant gurus.


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  1. I remember that place. It was beautiful and easily accessible. It gave many gifts to those seeking them. Thanks for sharing the gift you received with all of us.


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