Stephanie Acello

About Stephanie Acello

Stephanie has been on the path of rediscovery her whole life studying various practices and ideologies. Her practices included the principles of Raja Yoga for many years while living within a community yoga ashram. She also participated in various intensive meditation and self-inquiry practices. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in education and taught children and adults for many years . She is a Certified Holistic Facilitator and Transformational teacher and taught workshops entitled The Secrets of Reality Unveiled. Stephanie has also conducted Heart Writing readings in New York and Colorado. The unique combination of her excellent teaching skills and insightful knowledge enables her to translate and communicate the Inner Secrets and Data of the Mystical Realm. Stephanie brings the unknown into the known with dynamic, inspirational and profound simplicity. Stephanie lives in beautiful Colorado with her family and friends. She operates a small fruit farm and enjoys her animal gurus.


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