Stephanie Acello

About Stephanie Acello

Stefanie Acello

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is constantly walking the path of Self-discovery, studying various practices and ideologies. Some of those practices include the principles of Raja Yoga. When younger, she lived within a community yoga ashram under the tutelage of a woman guru. She also participates in various intensive meditation and self-inquiry practices. The allure of her spiritual experiences is constantly cultivating the desire to continuously look deeply and profoundly into the Essence of life— an endless intimate affair.

She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in education, and taught children and adults for many years. She conducts workshops, meditations, and Heart Writing readings.

Shedding Light On The Unknown

Pour Me Another Cup: Mystical Writing to Illuminate Your Soul was the first published volume of Heart Writings. Her writings bring the unknown into the known with dynamic, inspirational, and profound simplicity.

Stephanie lives in beautiful Colorado with her family, friends, and her animal gurus.


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