Stephanie Acello

Universal Force: It Cannot Be Stopped

It is That

Can you stop the flower’s growth?  Of course not, unless you step on it and crush it. That is what many of us do to ourselves to prevent the blooming of who we are. Let me assure you, another flower will pop up between the cement of your fears in a very short while. The process Creative Intelligence is a loving force greater than anything that could be imagined. It is taken for granted, because it appears to be hidden, we cannot see it with our physical eyes, yet it is right smack in our faces. It is That which quietly grows your fingernails and hair. It is That which beats your heart and moves your breath. It is That Force which grows flowers and trees; and it is That which moves the earth around the sun; and the moon around the earth: An Intelligence that puts order to life within a Divine balance.


Hiding in Plain Sight

First, you must be aware, just because you may not presently be aware, does not mean it does not exist. Right now, you may not be aware of your nose. However, it exists. Once you place your finger on the tip of your nose or focus your attention on it or just the mere mention of it, you then become aware of your nose. Awareness is the gateway to bring the Unseen within existence, into the Seen of consciousness. The loving, intelligent Force behind all of life’s experience is ever so present, hiding in plain sight. All you have to do is turn your attention to it. For it is only known through experience and feelings. Once experienced, you will wonder how you’ve missed it for so long.

This loving, intelligent Creative Force is behind and intertwined within all of existence; from the quantum of the light in an atom’s photon to the cumulative light of all the suns in the galaxies— Growing, evolving and expanding. All of existence is in on it.  It cannot be stopped!


There is a divine intelligence
That is directing every particle of matter

In a symphony called life

To think you are bigger than That
        is totally crazy.