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Heart Writing Series

Too Busy?

It only takes a moment to deepen your connection to Soul and feel with Heart

Pour Me Another Cup; Mystical Writing to Illuminate Your Soul is the first series of a collection of mystical poetic insights and stories called Heart Writings. Lighthearted, inspirational and profound, these writings offer an invaluable guide to reestablishing your relationship with Heart and Soul. Turn to any page and allow the transformation to take hold.

There is a place that exists where the landscape has no horizon separating the earth from the sky
Go to that Place





Watch for the upcoming books:

Heart Writing Series II

Balancing the Stones

Mystical Writings of an Emerging Consciousness to Wake up the Sleeping Soul

A new collection of Heart Writings reflecting the shift of human consciousness and how to stay balanced in a changing world.

Launch date: Coming Soon!



The Ultimate Story

The Mystical Evolution of Our Life

Get ready for the most incredible story you will ever experience…Your Life

This revolutionary book takes the reader on an incredible journey, along with the author, in the quest for self-realization. It exposes the most profound questions we all ask about life with simplicity and humor. You do not have to go to the Himalayan Mountains seeking the answers that are hiding in plain sight!

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